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Tea Time

September 22, 2016

First things first happy official day of FALL everyone, I hope you’re all as excited as I am!!

With that being said I thought it was appropriate, maybe even necessary, to post about my tea-pot for this weeks Thrifty Thursday. Only makes sense with cooler weather on the way and all.

Now then lets talk over a hot cup of tea shall we?

I’m a big fan of tea especially herbal varieties with chamomile in them mmm-mmm-mmm puts me right to sleep, but I’m a bigger fan of my tea-pot. It’s copper and beautiful and only cost me $7 (which is probably mostly why I love it so much..ha)!

Copper has made quite the comeback in the last year for kitchen and home decor, which I think is amazing. I have always loved it and that’s probably due to the fact that my mom had copper decor in her kitchen even when it wasn’t cool, what a little trend setter she is. Right now my tea-pot is the only copper piece I have, but trust me folks I plan on gathering up some more as soon as I can.

Adding copper to your decor can really make a statement and not just a visual one. I think is says “I don’t follow the rules and I like unusual things” or so I like to think! As I said it’s the hot new trend so its pretty easy to find if you’re into buying new, but if you’re like me and want it to be aged your going to have to hunt for it.

So here’s a few places I have found that have great tea pots new & old.


Amazon (Prime Item) – $50.32

For those of you who are looking for shiny, new, untouched by the air copper, look no more. The hammered detail and ceramic handle of this kettle are beautiful, but when buying new the price can be a little higher.

Vintage Tea Kettle Small Copper Tea Kettle Mid Century Copper Kettle Copper Teapot Tea Pot Retro Copper Decor Vintage Kitchen

You can find this kettle on Etsy at SunflowerRetroKS shop. She also has a few other kettles that are just as sweet at this one. Personally, had I not found my tea-pot when and where I did I would have probably turned to Etsy for my search.

Sorry this is so large I’m not a tech wiz and couldn’t figure out how to make it smaller or center it.

However, I just recently started following Twinspiration_Shop on Instagram and boy am I glad I did. These two lovely ladies find some great items including quite a few copper pieces. If you hurry I think they still may have a few tea pots for sale.

Another great Instagram account that I follow is rustic.valley.vintage. As of this moment I don’t believe there are any tea pots for sale, but I know I’ve seen one posted in the past. Either way it’s a fun account to follow with great prices.

Well my tea is about gone and a little cold so I guess it’s time wrap this up.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks thrifty Thursday! As always if you have any questions or want to comment feel free.

Happy Thrifting!

– Taylor

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