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Where to Find Cheap Vintage Prints

August 29, 2016

I really have an interest in vintage prints and I think it’s because they are a glimpse into the past. I DO NOT have an interest in the price that most of them come at. Today I am going to tell you about a great place to find vintage prints for next to nothing. When I figured the little secret out that I am about to let you in on, my mind was blown, how had I the thrifty shopper that I am not thought of this before!
There I was in Room 363 (a boutique vintage decor shop in Naperville, IL) looking at a table full of vintage prints. As I was looking through the prints I realized where the majority of them came from and I was STUNNED. They came out of old encyclopedias!! OK, so you’re thinking “who cares, whats the big deal about encyclopedias?” Well, the big deal is, you can usually buy them for less than $5 a book in most antique stores. You score numerous pictures that have all sorts of history right there. Encyclopedias are what tipped me off to the fact that any old book with pictures is a perfect opportunity for vintage print picking. A good example that I will forever be on the look out now for are old gardening books. They are great for finding floral or plant prints which are all the rage right now. As you can see I’m all for the floral. I have two similar florals framed above both our night stands in our master bedroom. Excuse the plug but if you like the frame checkout my etsy shop for more details.

Who knows, maybe I’m behind and a lot of you already know this, but if you didn’t, then you’re welcome. Now go crazy when you see those old books instead of walking right past them like I used to.

If any of you have other good ways to find beautiful old prints please feel free to comment or email me!

Happy Thrifting,

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