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DIY Pallet Dart Board

August 2, 2016

Like most of our projects this was done on a whim! I was cleaning the upstairs loft and said to Dan “What are we doing with this dart board? It’s just in the way!” Cue light bulb over his head as he runs to the garage. We had an old pallet he had pulled out of the dumpster at work, knowing that we would make something out of it one day. So we finally found use for it by making our dart board surround.

Things you will need for this project,
1. Pallet
2. Dart board
3. Hammer
4. 2 inch screws
5. Handheld drill

Dan removing nails from pallet boards. ( Please excuse his shirtlessness)

Dan removing nails from pallet boards.

First we started by taking apart the pallet, you’re going to need some brute force, which I don’t have so Dan did most of the work. Then we removed all the preexisting nails that were sticking up, out, and every which way. After removing the nails we started to put the pallet back together in a tighter formation. We used 2 inch black screws to screw the boards back into the 2×4’s with the handheld cordless drill (Tip) using the holes from where the nails were as a guide for the screws made things much easier.

DIY Pallet Dart Board

Once all the boards were screwed back on we measured to find the center and that is where we screwed in the metal hook for the board to hang on. The board we had already had the hook and the score cards so we removed them and transferred them to the new pallet surround. To be honest guys that’s it! It took us about 3 hours to complete and no $$! Well unless you’re counting the dart board that we bought for $20 over a year ago, but all in all it’s more labor than anything.


I’d love to hear about some of your pallet creations or ideas that you have, so please comment or contact me!


Until next time!


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